“Deirdre is a very talented photographer and has the great ability to find settings and backgrounds that fit every situation. Our son was relaxed and had a great time on his senior photo shoot. I highly recommend Deirdre! – TS (mom)

“Shooting with Deirdre in an urban environment was extremely fun. She was very good about incorporating everything I brought to the shoot and the pictures turned out amazing!” – TS (senior)

“We chose to work with Deirdre because we had seen a beautiful photo album she had made and we were very happy with our choice! Deirdre had an incredible eye to find great spots for pictures. She put us all at ease, even my husband, and gave ideas and hints for the poses and for our outfits. The photos captured our daughter’s personality and the moment she was living.

It was overall a super fun experience and so happy to have those memories!” – CM

What a gift. I can’t even begin to thank you. WOW! You captured Maddie in a light that I have always seen, but I’m pretty sure she hasn’t. She is just beaming! You are so amazing. You are so talented! You were able to really bring out the best in Maddie and you made her shine!!! So appreciative, RW

Thank you so much for doing this every-other-year photo shoot. You have no idea how much it means to me to have these photos documenting how your family is growing up from year to year. This year I felt like the photos really documented the changes in Ben and Jake. Sweet Charlie gets bigger, but his essence stays the same. Probably the next photo shoot will show a monumental change in him. Jake’s photo reminds me of the one I took at Kai Luum of Richard one year. It wasn’t until I saw that print that I said “Oh my god, he’s a handsome young man”! A couple of the Ben pics look like the boy I know and love, but a couple are suddenly a young man. OMG all over again.
One of my reasons for picking some of the photos I did is that they show the boys in relation to each other. You and Sam stay the same, but the boys keep changing. I’m struck by how solid and big Jake is, even though his sweet little impish face is still the same. You are all so beautiful it makes me cry.

These photos are priceless to me. – Client’s mother